Picnic time!

Do you still remember that unexpected wave of heat a couple of weeks ago? With no air conditioning at work (at least in our beloved Jean Monnet) the productivity levels fell down tremendously and the only reasonable response to this Luxembourgish joke was the long awaited picnic in the park! It was spontaneous and it … Continue reading Picnic time!

Brussels has noticed us!

After months of blissful ignorance, the stagiaires of Brussels have finally realised that we Lux trainees exist as well! This month we will receive, not just one, but two visits by them! The first group to visit Luxembourg will consist of Blue Book trainees from different DGs who are coming as soon as this weekend … Continue reading Brussels has noticed us!

The Bowling Stones

Last Wednesday (May 6) some more or less athletic trainees met to test their skills in bowling. There were more than just one who silently whispered “I am not very good at bowling”, but in the end we managed to have a fun evening – without broken toes and even with some sports between beer … Continue reading The Bowling Stones