Brussels has noticed us!

After months of blissful ignorance, the stagiaires of Brussels have finally realised that we Lux trainees exist as well! This month we will receive, not just one, but two visits by them! The first group to visit Luxembourg will consist of Blue Book trainees from different DGs who are coming as soon as this weekend … Continue reading Brussels has noticed us!

Let the job hunt begin!

As our traineeship progresses, more and more people are setting their eyes on the future. Many of us have already applied for the Generalist EPSO competition, for which the exams are taking place these days, while new translator competitions are opening soon for many languages, and career guidance sessions whisper job hunting tips into our … Continue reading Let the job hunt begin!

Bad Taste Party

Last Friday it was time again for an epic night: The BAD TASTE PARTY!!!! Finally, the big day had come and the trainees could replace their usual uncomfortable business look with some of the cheesiest outfits their wardrobes offered. It was the chance to show our incredible feeling for the latest fashion looks on Luxembourg’s … Continue reading Bad Taste Party

Brussels. Sharp!

Almost three months had flown by and we were heading to Brussels again. This time already knowing each other and already knowing what we are doing here. Can you believe that it was this exact same spring and not in another life when we visited Brussels for the first time? By the way, has anyone … Continue reading Brussels. Sharp!